Scimitars and Shanties

Douglas's Journal - Entry 1

I’ve been on board the ship for a short time now. The days are spent toiling in the sun and nights are spent gambling. I’ve made acquaintances with a few of the crew. Jacob in particular is a good friend.

Before today I would have said a pirates life is dull and hedonistic. We finally had a chance to be real pirates. During a storm that left the following events unhindered, we clashed with another ship, The Shallow Grave. While we came up on the small vessel, the Maelstrom fought a great frigate. During the skirmishing beforehand I had expertly dodged some of the incoming balista shots, expertly.

Once the gap closed I hurled a grappling hook, both striking an enemy sailor and biting deep into the wood. However right after my throw a small pink-bearded member of the crew rushed passed and capitalized on my gain. He nearly had himself smashed between the bucking ships!

During the hard fighting a mage revealed himself by setting off a massive explosion. After a slight flinch I noticed a glow i hadn’t seen before leave my body, I’ll have to by Chicken a drink next time we’re in port. Anyway, I saw my chance for glory and skirted through his defenders. It was hardly a fair fight and even less so when the pink one returned to his flank. Even still I used my old Iron Rope trick on him just to be sure. While we dealt with theres, our mage spun her own destruction. Pulling the water out of the sea she blasted men off their feet and over the gunwales. Magic can be truley awesome in the hands of a skilled user. Might need her to enchant me something nice.

After a time we knew the battle was in our favor. As if to mark the event the woman known as Noel planted a bullet in just the wrong spot on a sailor’s skull. The urban legend that there is a spot on a man’s head that if pressed will cause his head to explode? True, completely and utterly true and I don’t envy Bob who was right in front of the unfortunate one. After a few moments our captain did battle with theirs. Terrible blows were struck by each and while victorious, our captain contracted some sort of curse.

Afterwards, we looted the hold. All I got was a shiny baubble but was able to trade it to Noel for some Sovren Glue. I think I can make good use of it in the right situation. Later we were told to take our ship to some far away island, hauling a few strange boxes. Curiosity got to the pink one known as Horatio and he had me open the box while Noel stood guard. After seeing the coffin inside I couldn’t help but utter a low “Nope.”

Later we arrived at an island, though not the correct one, as someone had pointed out. Our acting captain took the boxes and a small number of crew into the heart of the island. Meanwhile we stayed with the ship as the real captain grew worse everyday. Chicken tried to heal him but the curse looks to take him.

If any one is reading this, bug off or I’ll get a mage to cast explosive runes.


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